Friday, 25 May 2012

Jejaka Edisi Terhad

Well guys and girls..........
I just want to tell you fella that I there's this novel from

The novel is Jejaka Edisi Terhad
The story plot actually is quiet amazing.
But sadly, I can't finished the e-novel because the other posts started from 23 have been removed from the blog because it it in a process as a manuscript.
I really hope that the manuscript would be accepted by the publisher.
But just in case if it doesn't become a novel I just hope that the blogger would kindly post it blog in her blog.....


  1. |Gadis Edisi Terhad tak lama lagi keluar. ehehehe.. waiting for Rin Ahmad's books.. She is totally amazing writer ^^

    <---dah baca arluna, download her blog (Arluna) every episode .. muehehehe.

  2. Saya pun tunggu all rin ahmad nye novel.arluna,get,jet...semua x tau ending cz dh x de dlm blog.sedih!