Sunday, 5 May 2013


Last week I've read a post at The Wedding Breaker Group in Facebook
it stated that The Wedding Breaker (novel) will be adapted into a drama.
As a fan of the novel I am really glad with the news.

Novel: The Wedding Breaker
Author: Evelyn Rose

To the producer of the drama you should noted that this drama need a high budget in order for it to be as good as the novel.
The novelist asked the people in the group about who should be the cast member for the drama.

I am voting for :

Nora Danish as Ariana Rose 

Nazim Othman as Tengku Adam Kamil

I really do love their acting skill. They really do have the talent in acting and I really think they will have a good chemistry with each other. 

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  1. omg !saya memang setuju Nazim Othman jadi Tengku Adam Kamil ..huhu ..bila akan jadi drama ?tak sabar ..